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    My Anti-Resolutions for 2013

    Lend me an ear for some great non-resolutions

    I’ve got a few ideas on how to make 2013 more awesome, but these are the opposite of normal resolutions. Kinda like anti-resolutions. Still, take a look and lemme know what you think.

    Pick up a few pounds — I’m just a slight guy (with a little bit of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale belly) but this is something I know I can do, pick up not just a few pounds, but several. The best way I can do this this is by grabbing my kiddos for big snuggles, for piggie-back rides, carrying them when they’re tired, putting them on my shoulders so they can see fireworks better. This one will require practice everyday, but I can do it.

    Get wrinkles — I have a simple plan for accomplishing this: every time I smile and laugh and enjoy life, each time I squench up my forehead to make a silly face at my daughter, I am getting wrinkledy. I’ve also noticed that when I go to the beach with my wife and lay in the sun, I squint, which invariably leads to crows feet wrinkles. This one should be easy.

    Choose quantity over quality — How do I know that only spending 15 minutes with my wife will *be* the 15 minutes that are the most meaningful? How can I be sure that if I only hang with Bubby and Magpie for 20 minutes that those will be the best 20 minutes, the quality time minutes? So I’m forgoing the whole ‘quality’ thing to instead spend as much time as possible with those I love, and I know that there will be many meaningful moments when I do.

    Speak without thinking — if I see someone who deserves praise or needs encouragement, I’m not going to think about what I’ll get out of it, whether they’ll do the same for me, or how it will look to other people. I’m just going for it.

    Get yellow teeth — I really enjoy drinking red wine with my wife and friends, and I love a tasty cup of coffee. These two things will help me accomplish this goal, and I feel certain that a dedicated routine will help me live up to this one.

    Run 1,000 miles — This one pretty much just means run 1,000 miles.

    Any good ones I’ve forgotten? Which ones are you going to join me in?


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